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Amazon Monitron: Your Path to Max ROI

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

A Game Changer in Predictive Maintenance

We have hands-on experience with Monitron. Here's what we've learned.

Monitron is Fast, Cheap and Very Powerful

  • Fast, easy to install.

  • Cheap to purchase and operate.

  • Powerful failure prediction capabilities

You can achieve near total coverage of your rotating assets.

WHY IT MATTERS: Monitron sets a new bar of price-performance in predictive maintenance platforms.

  • Works with the staff you have. Any maintenance technician can setup and operate the platform – no vibration experience required.

  • Works for manufacturers with basic run to fail maintenance practices.

  • Works for a skilled reliability team to create a centralized monitoring platform.

A LITTLE DEEPER: Monitron is a complete world class 3-axis vibration sensor system with built-in automated AI/Machine Learning. It is designed, built and supported by industrial experts at Amazon Web Services, built from their experience in their own fulfillment operations.

  • It’s a self-contained end-to-end solution you can easily install and operate yourself.

  • It’s cloud-based, no infrastructure or software setup required.

  • AI/ML is automatic. No data science or IT staff required to support the platform. Consider that cost saving when comparing to other systems.

THE PATH TO A WINING ROI: With Monitron, we’ve helped our clients realize ROIs as high as 60x!

  • Return (R) is high because. It has capable sensors that can handle 95% of the vibration use cases.

  • The Investment (I) is low because sensors are low cost. Even bigger savings come from the requiredment that the IT and data science is automated. No specialized data science, analytics or IT staff is required to setup or operate the platform. Five sensors, a gateway to the cloud and an AWS alarm platform for just $715. Annual cloud fee only $50 per sensor.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Amazon Monitron makes it easy for you to be the hero. We help you get there.

"DecisionIQ’s role as a catalyst in our Amazon Monitron POC was fundamental to its great success. We achieved an outstanding ROI and the required experience to deploy at scale, which is now underway."

A.K. Karan - Global Senior Director, Digital Transformation at Baxter Healthcare

Baxter International Inc. is an American multinational healthcare company with over $12B in annual revenue and over 40 manufacturing sites globally.. is a blog about building solutions that use AI to enable people to make better decisions. It is a production of the engineers at DecisionIQ.

ABOUT DECISIONIQ: We are "boots on the ground" factory engineers expert at the adoption of AI and machine learning into operations. As consultants and system integrators we bring our experience in a mix of a well structured programs that enable our clients to produce winning results and maximum ROI. You will learn to use AI to build competitive advantage by increasing plant uptime, quality and yield. With 24 POCs and 16 deployments we have achieved for our client’s ROIs as high as 60x and a cumulative $22 million in savings.

AN AWS PARTNER: We provide capability in design of AI solutions for industrial applications. We work with the AWS Industrial IoT services stack, cloud migrations and Amazon Monitron POCs and deployments. For qualifying customers, many of these capabilities are eligible for AWS subsidized funding.

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