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About the Authors

Andrew Lewis

Andrew is lead consultant for DecisionIQ. He founded DecisionIQ in 2015. They have developed multiple AI solutions and platforms for industrial applications. Experienced with predictive platforms, Andrew has led many of the company's projects to high winning results by using the power of AI in combination with human inference. They developed the techniques to drastically reduce the impact of false positives in AI decision-engines using ML and NLP decision-engines. DecisionIQ creates AI-based solutions that enable rapid fire, better quality decision making. This approach has led to big wins on virtually all projects and staff loves the approach. Prior technology experience includes experimental fighter aircraft development at the F-16 skunkworks, high-performance computer platform co-development with Apple, and AI systems with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Andrew graduated with a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. LinkedIn...

Matt Alberts

Matt is a highly experienced maintenance AI consultant. He is a mechanical engineer and digital transformation manager and brings over 15 years of experience at over 70 enterprise sites in heavy manufacturing, oil & gas, petrochemical, pulp, paper, and wood products. He is a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP). He has direct hands-on experience in the process of evaluating, scaling, and operationalizing AI and IoT technologies for Industry 4.0 transformation at major enterprises, including Georgia Pacific and Lyondell Basell. Transformation skills include achieving mission-critical change management – the art of achieving motivated worker adoption of the new AI based workflows.

Matt graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. He is now working on his PhD in Industrial Engineering at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a focus on building AI-based process for manufacturing. LinkedIn...

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